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Our time travel starts at Kalemegdan, park that surrounds Belgrade Fortress. This is the place where the most distant past can be seen, and where Belgrade started as a human settlement very long time ago.
It is the most logical spot to begin unfolding unusual and exciting story about the ‘Crossroads of the Worlds’.
We walk through ‘Stambol’ and ‘Clock‘ gates and enjoy open air exhibition of the Military museum. Than we proceed to the ‘King’s Tower’ and ‘Zindan Gate‘ and visit The Rose Church of Our Lady. View of the ‘Lower town’ and its monuments. Enjoying superb views of the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, New Belgrade, Zemun and ‘Victor monument“, one of the symbols of the city. Continuing through ‘King’s Gate’ and rest of the Kalemegdan park with number of monuments.

Leaving the park and passing by beautiful French embassy, reaching the PatriarchateOrthodox Cathedral (visit), seeing “?” Inn (Question mark Inn) and Princess Ljubica’s Residence. Walking up to Knez Mihajlova pedestrian streetby far the oldest street in the city as scholars say that it follows the central grid layout of the Roman city of Singidunum which existed almost 2000 years ago. It has a large number of impressive buildings and mansions built at the end of the 1870’s, and is protected by law as one of the most valuable landmarks of the city.
Finally, we end the tour at the Republic Square, real heart of Belgrade, with buildings of the National Theatre, and National Museum and well known equestrian statue of Prince Michael (Knez Mihajlo). End of service.
Optionally, we can organize private car/coach pick-up and return to hotel upon request for this tour. Lunch in a traditional Serbian restaurant can also be arranged.


Please note: prices are per tour and not per person. Children of age 0-14: admission free

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