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  • Day 1 – Arrival in one of the cities in Montenegro – Budva
  • Day 2 – Trip: Old City Bar and Ulcinj
  • Day 3 – Trip: Bay of Kotor
  • Day 4 – Trip: Cetinje – Rijeka Crnojevic – Podgorica
  • Day 5 – Trip: NP Biogradska Gora and NP Durmitor
  • Day 6 – Trip: National Park Durmitor
  • Day 7 – Trip: Skadar lake and Virpazar
  • Day 8 – Time to say goodbye to Montenegro.
Day  1 Arrival in one of the cities in Montenegro – Budva
Hotel accommodation.
Depending on the time of the arrival of the participant, a tour around the city with a guide is possible.
An archetype of a Mediterranean town, unique old city, one of the five oldest core cities on this part of Adriatic sea. In the archeological museum of the town you can discover parts of history through displays from the unique necropolis that was active for whole seven centuries. Get acquainted with a story about a town on the edge of Venetian Republic and taste former ‘poverty food’ and a symbolic dragon-cake.
You will be enchanted by the stories of well-known Budva citizens, who knew how to shake the Europe of their time…
In the evening hours a welcome drinks with the participants of the program and getting to know with each other.
Day  2  Trip: Old City Bar and Ulcinj
After the breakfast, departure for Old City Bar and a photo session at Old Olive Tree.
From Greece to Byzantium and Slavs – meet a fascinating the Middle Ages city on the cliff plateau. A vast number of churches will lead you through the spread of Christianity. Take a peak into the Middle Ages home and taste the life of the citizens. Find out who the priest of Duklja was and hear the story about Vladimir and Kosara… Feel the bark of the Old Olive Tree more than two millenniums old, and sense the pulse of a Mediterranean. Taste olive oil and dishes giving away its fragrance.
Ulcinj , Ada , Old City
This is where Christianity and Islam, Europe and Orient, East and West meet… The crossroads o the civilization in a three millenniums old stone city. Hear the story about the not meant to be messiah Sabetaj Cvi and the star of David, about the square of slaves and the pirates of Ulcinj… Taste the dishes from this marvelous crossroads of worlds.
The return to Budva after the pause for refreshment and tour around the Old City Budva, escorted by a guide.
Day  3  Trip: Bay of Kotor.
Arrival in Kotor- tour around the Old City.
Tour around Perast, Risan and Gospa od Skrpjela island. ( Lady of the Rock )
Bay of Kotor is the European heart of Montenegro. Churches, palaces, interesting islands – they all tell a story about long-lasting and the civilization wealth of the most wonderful bay in the world. Kotor – the city that is protected by UNESCO and the wonderful and the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon; the unique baroque Perast; Saint George and Gospa od Skrpjela. Discover the stories about the sailings and loves and discover your own story within them. Taste the magic of this part of a Mediterranean.
After the tour around the Bay of Kotor via the old Austrian road and its attractive serpentines, we drive up the old mountain Lovcen to de Njegusi village. The surroundings, the climate, tasting the national dishes.
You will enter the heart of nomad, archaic and patriarchal Montenegro, the only part of uninterrupted freedom during the centuries of foreign conquest. Get acquainted with the village where famous Montenegrin rulers were raised. Find out what they ate talking about interesting people and events.
Day  4 Trip: Cetinje – Rijeka Crnojevic – Podgorica
Tour around the King Nikola Castle, Biljarda, Cetinje Monastery, Filermose icon, and the hill Orlov Krs.
Old royal capital of Montenegro gives you the opportunity to peak into the royal chambers and lounges, and to sense the burden the Montenegrin rulers carried with them. Find out about the interesting recommendations for living that enlightened Peter the first wrote; find out how the ruler Rade – Njegos wrote and hid the most beautiful poem in this language. Do not miss seeing the three Christian sanctities and hear the stories in which pass the Venetian knights and Montenegrins
Rijeka Crnojevic
Only 38 years after Gutenberg the first book is printed in a Slavic South. Find out how the Crnojevic dynasty planned to fight the conquerors with the book; find out what Djurdje Crnojevic left to his wife in his will that comes from the boundaries of European renaissance.
Continuing the tour to Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro, sight seeing of the city.
Overnight stay in Podgorica
Day  5 Trip: NP Biogradska Gora and NP Durmitor
Podgorica After the breakfast, we drive on towards NP Biogradska Gora, hiking through the National Park. Driving on towards the river Tara. Arrival at NP Durmitor.
The Tara canyon and its wild beauty will make face the magnificence of nature and the man’s responsibility towards it.
Overnight stay in Zabljak
Day  6 Trip: NP Durmitor
After the breakfast, sight seeing and hiking through NP Durmitor.
Discover the beauty of nature, the life on the mountain peaks of Montenegro; what people did and what they ate…
Overnight stay in Zabljak
Day  7 Trip: Skadar lake and Virpazar.
After the breakfast, we leave the mountain massif of Durmitor and drive on towards the NP Skadar Lake. The tour around the Visitors Centre in Vranjine and the old town Virpazar.
Arrival in Budva.
End of program
Overnight stay in Budva
Day  8 Time to say goodbye to Montenegro

The arrangement includes:

  • Accommodation – 1 night in 2** hotel & 6 night in 3*** star hotels
  • Meals – 7 half boards, HB ( breakfast and dinner )
  • 6 lunches – national meals
  • City taxes
  • Visit to the 3 National parks – Biogradska Gora, Durmitor and Skadar Lake
  • Visit to the Monasteries, Cathedrals and Museums
  • Sightseeing of the cities listed in the program
  • Tickets for the objects mentioned in program
  • Transport : private car – with air conditioning van, minibus ortourist bus,( no toilet in bus ) with air conditioning
  • Boat ride on the sea
  • Our experienced guide – and escort during the entire journey

The arrangement does not include:

  • Beverages and meals not mentioned in the program
  • Luggage handling at hotel
  • Individual expenses, phone expenses, unpredicted expenses
  • Return Transfers
  • Travel Insurance


Budva - Old town Budva, one of the five oldest core cities,

Archaeological museum, Galery

Old Bar and Ulcinj - Old town Bar , Old Olive Tree., Old town Ulcinj, small river island " ada Bojana "

Kotor –the city protected by UNESCO, Cathedral of Saint Tryphon , little settlement Perast,

Gospa od Skrpjela island ( Lady of the Rock )

Njegusi – small village on the slopes of the mountain Lovcen

Cetinje – the royal capital of Montenegro, King Nikola Castle, Biljarda, Cetinje Monastery,

Filermose icon

Rijeka Crnojevic – an amazing little village

Podgorica – capital of Montenegro

National Park "Biogradska gora " rainforest and the glacial lake Biogradsko Jezero

Tara River - The deepest canyon in Europe

National Park "Durmitor " Black Lake

Monastery Ostrog - Unique holy place for the Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim religion

National Park "Skadar lake " and little settlement Virpazar

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