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Antalya, the Turkish Riviera is the most stunning part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It is typical of Turkey, a thriving modern city, with a historic heart in the centre of Kaleiçi within the old city walls. This area has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, with many of the wooden Ottoman mansions being restored and turned into boutique hotels. No cars are allowed in the narrow streets of the old town so it is a good place to soak up the atmosphere around the charming harbour. The symbol of Antalya is the fluted minaret or Yivli Minare built by the Seljuks in the 13th century. There are plenty of interesting pieces in the Archaeological Museum, from the Palaeolithic Age right through to Ottoman times.
Antalya has a backdrop of stunning mountain scenery, and the city is set high on cliffs, with many of its grandest hotels overlooking the sea on the outskirts of the town. The beach area of Lara, approximately 12 km to the east is home to the best beach in the area, known for its golden sand, which is rapidly becoming a resort in its own right. To the west, the long pebble beach of Konyaaltı is also popular. Heading up into the mountains, you can make the most of the beautiful scenery by visiting the spectacular Düden or Kurşunlu waterfalls. At Saklıkent, just 50 km away from the city centre, you can even ski, where they usually have snow on the slopes until early April.

The Altın Portakal (Golden Orange) film festival is held annually in the autumn. Antalya has a large number of 5 star hotels, many of which have meetings facilities, and this, together with the Pyramid Congress Centre which can hold up to 3000 delegates make it a popular venue for conferences.
There are many holiday resorts like Alanya, Belek, Kalkan, Kaş, Kekova, Kemer, Olympos, Patara, Side within the borders of Antalya region.

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Natural Beauties


Karain Cave:

At a distance of 31 km. north-west of Antalya is the location of the Karain Cave. At the foot of the Katran Mountain range, on the border of Yağci Village, the limestone formations part to reveal a natural cave which served as a habitat for the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic people in ancient times and was also used as a temple to the mountain goddess. The Greek inscriptions on the outer surface and embedded in rocks testify to this. Digs have been continuing there since 1946. These have revealed the remains of a settlement over 50,000 years old. It is the largest cave in Turkey to have been inhabited. Some of the findings are on display in the little Karain Museum and others in the pre-history section of the Antalya Museum.

Karataş - Semahöyük Cave:

Situated in Alanya, this cave is also full of stalactites and stalagmites. Due to a humidity of 90% within the cave, it is said to be effective in the treatment of the respiratory system.

Damlataş Cave:

Situated in Alanya, this cave is also full of stalactites and stalagmites. Due to a humidity of 90% within the cave, it is said to be effective in the treatment of the respiratory system.

The Zeytintaşı cave is situated at the southern slope of Zeytintaşı Hill within the borders of Akbaş Village and the town of Serik. It has an altitude of 220 m.

The cave is 14 m bellow the ground and has two levels. The upper level is 136m including the side galleries and the lower one is 97 m long. The cave has many stalactites, stalagmites columns and dripstones. It is unique with its macaroni type stalactites of 0.03 m. in width and 0.70 m. in length.

It is discovered by a. Coincidence in 1997 while excavating for a stone quarry through a man made gallery of 10 m, hot and cold drinks and food are served as well.

It has a natural beauty and an untouched environment. It is quite convenient for tracking climbing and safari and safari tours as well as photo-safari tours for the wild animals.

The location of the cave and its environs has a typical Mediterranean climate, thus all types of Mediterranean plants grow here. The air and nature of place gives you the feeling of tranquillity and serenity.

The cave was formed on clear fault line covered by ancient Sura-Kretase limestone and is surrounded by impermeable elements both at the bottom and on the sides....

The cave is named after the Zeytintaşı Hill where it is located.

The cave is 54 km to Antalya, 16 km to Serik, 10 km to Aspendos and 28 km to Belek Tourism Centre (The Mediterranean).

Dim Cave

This cave has been surveyed and documented by a Cave Research Group of the Turkish Institute for Research and Development of Minerals and Metals (MTA) between 1986 and 1989. It is located about 145 km from Antalya and 13 km from Alanya, 215 m above sea level. The cave has beautiful formations of stalactites, columns and curtains. The Dim Cave is a natural and karstic cave. It was formed by the carbonic acid rich rain and snow waters running through the faults and joints dissolving the limestone rocks.

From Alanya the road to Kestel follows the green Dim Creek Valley, charming restaurants beside the river invite for a relaxing lunch.


All streams in the region find their way to the Mediterranean and flow down the slopes of the Taurus, sometimes above and sometimes underground until they reach their destination in the shape of spectacular waterfalls. There are more than 20 waterfalls in the region. The most beautiful of these are the Düden Falls (15 km north of Antalya), the Kurşunlu Falls (18 km from Antalya, on the Antalya-Alanya highway) and the Manavgat Falls (3km north of Manavgat).

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Nightlife info

Antalya has a very colorful night life. Especially, during the summer months ( june – july - august ), the award-winner marina and its surrounding host a rich variety of discos, bars and pubs all of which are very popular among both the locals and tourists. In Antalya marina there are nice places that you can enjoy with life music. If your favorite music is rock, techno or hip hop there are also many opportunities in marina. Marina is a well known place for night life among local and foreign people. When you go to Kaleici streets for night life you have a change to enjoy in English pubs, folksong bars and also taverns. The night clubs which have revue shows, dance performances are open till morning. In rock bars you meet with very rich drinks menu.

Likewise in Titreyengol and Kemer there are plenty of very appealing rock bars, pubs and traditional Turkish taverns. Antalya's night life becomes even more and more exciting during the International Golden Orange Film Festival.

In Antalya you can choose from a quiet drink in a traditional bar to huge open air dance clubs. There is true diversity of nightclubs, discos and bars in the area and you can try something different every night of the week.

Some examples:

Ally's: Ally's has become the most favorite night club in Antalya. During the hot summer nights, if you want to spend a rocking night, you should choose Ally for dancing.

You shall be ready to wait in a queue in the entrance, and especially at Friday and Saturday nights, it is really very crowded. Girls and boys do wear their fancy clothes and it is a good quality night club.

No special clothes are mentioned; however you can choose good looking night clothes.

Inferno: Quite trendy place mostly for trendy people. After midnight the place is very crowded. If you come too early, the music might suck, but don't leave. When the place gets more and more crowded, the music is getting better. If you are looking for romance you can enjoy the starry sky and also you can chill to some great music.

Casual clothes will work just fine.

Club Arma: This is the biggest club of Antalya with a capacity of around 2000 people. It is one of the hot places of summer.

The club Arma has got a fascinating view, overlooking to the Antalya Marina. The club Arma is serving as a restaurant, bar and club all together.. You can also start the night there by having your dinner or you can just drop in midnight..

There is not a strict regulation for dresses but shirts are more welcomed than T-shirts..

Opening hours: Restaurant 11am-midnight daily, disco 11pm-4am daily Address: Kaleiçi, Antalya Marina

If you like rock bars you can go to Jolly Joker Bars.

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Culture and history info

The most popular Historic Sites of Antalya Region:

Aspendos: Just 50 km east of Antalya, Aspendos was an important centre of trade during Roman times. Today, the most impressive aspect of Aspendos is her stunning theatre, which was built in approx. 162 AD. It seats 15,000 and has been beautifully preserved. Each year it hosts the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival which takes place in June and July and gives you the opportunity to see performances of classics in a magnificent setting. The aqueduct, which supplied water to the city is also still relatively intact and is an impressive sight.

Phaselis: The three harbours of this Lycian port city were once a major commercial centre. In the shelter of Mount Tahtalı, it is a popular stopping off point for yachts, and its clear waters and sandy beaches are popular with sun-seekers. The remains are mostly Roman and include a theatre, baths, aqueducts, Hadrian’s Gate, an agora and an acropolis.

Perge: Just 18 kms from Antalya, Perge was an important city in Pamphylia and was visited by St.Paul during his missionary journeys. Today, the city gate flanked by lofty towers, theatre and baths are of interest.

Demre: Also known as Kale, the ancient city of Myra, is mostly famous for its connection with St. Nicholas, who was bishop here in the 4th century. His church is the focus of the annual ceremony which takes place to commemorate him on or around his feast day of 6th December. It is well worth seeing the Roman theatre which remains here, overlooked by spectacular rock tombs, dating from the 4th century BC.

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Baia Lara Hotel

Baia Lara Hotel

Kemeragzi Mevkii Oteller Bolgesi Antalya, 07000 Lara, Antalya
Featuring a private sandy beach area and a wooden pier, this large hotel features wide outdoor pools More info
Premier Palace Hotel

Premier Palace Hotel

Bahcecik Mah. 38.Sok No:1 Beldibi Antalya, 07985 Beldibi, Antalya
Located in the seafront of Beldibi, Premier Palace Hotel offers a private beach, indoor and outdoor More info

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