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Master DMC Incoming Tour Operator, is the result of our love for Balkans and high professionalism, born from years of experience in the Travel industry. Our very experienced, strong, and dynamic company offers a modern, smart and intelligent way of thinking, which means an original and innovative way of traveling! We are able to cater for every tour’s traditional aspect, or clients proposals and initiatives, creating a huge range of taylor-made itineraries that will meet the expectations, needs and budgets of every kind of traveller.

Working in the tourism for many years, and handling all kinds of groups (from low budget students, to adult groups; Honeymoons, Theme trips, Concert, Sport, Religious tours and Pilgrimages; College and University programs; Incentives, Congresses and special events; Gastronomic tours, Naturalistic excursions and Gardens tours; Group series and Back to back operations, and so on) has given us deep knowledge of the sector and enabled us to perfectly organize every kind of tour with a 360° view. We will fully take care of our and your clients before, during, and after their journey, making our experience and our knowledge, available to you and them 24 hours a day. All what we offer is anything but ordinary.

We can make you and your clients discover any corner of Balkans, from the cold heights of the Balkan, to the warm plains of the Adriatic, and gain real personal enrichment from this unforgettable experience.

We can show you a Classic Balkans, but also a new and modern one, or the hidden Balkans you have never seen before, not only through sites, history and art, but making a real ”dive” into our traditions; our unforgettable food, our secrets and tales, and our people, always ready for a smile, as we are!

We love what we do, and we like to do things well.. that’s why we can face every challenge!

If you trust us once, you will do forever!

A trusted, experienced team:

I was born in Istanbul, but I fell in love with the people and natural beauty of Balkans. My staff have lived here all their lives. Together, we are proud to be your passionate and knowledgable guides to this amazing region of Balkans

Intense destinations we serve:

♦ Czech Republic
♦ Hungary
♦ Austria
♦ Bosnia and Herzegovina
♦ Serbia
♦ Croatia
♦ Montenegro
♦ Kosovo
♦ Macedonia
♦ Albania
♦ Greece
♦ Bulgaria
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